How we are ensuring the safety of clients from Covid-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 in December 2019 which brought about a global pandemic is surely tragic. While everybody is encouraged to observe legitimate safety measures, stay indoors, watch social distancing, and keep up appropriate proper personal hygiene, at Safari Car Rental Uganda we have been thinking of provisions to make sure that our clients are safe. In the midst of the lockdown, mobility is really challenged. Nonetheless, through our fleet of over 500 safari vehicles, we are guaranteeing that mobility-as-a-service is available for anyone who needs it. Besides, as the largest and fast-developing Car Rental Company in Uganda, we are additionally trying to ensure the ideal safety of clients after the lockdown is lifted.

All cars are cleaned and sanitized

Cars rentals convey a lesser danger of infections than different modes of public transportation. Besides, we are trying our best that our clients are totally safe from the risk of getting this dangerous disease. To that measure, the company is inspecting all vehicles one by one. During the time inspection time, each vehicle is totally disinfected and cleaned with tissues, including the keys, gears, steering wheel, front, and rare passage handles, and the trunk handles hand rest.

Training the employees

Our representatives that work in the field, for example, those drivers who deliver the vehicles to the clients are essential for the operation of the company. However, in these times of the pandemic, we have done our best to train our staff in maintaining personal hygiene, the main weapon in fighting against coronavirus. The company has organized extensive meetings with workers and fleet operators on standards recommendations for preventing coronavirus; this includes sanitizing the hand with sanitizer or washing hands with soap for over 20 seconds before and inspecting the car or a pickup or drop, covering mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, wearing a face mask when you in a public place, avoiding contact with people showing symptoms of respiratory illnesses.

Providing sanitizer to all cars

Since sanitizer is the main instrument in fighting the spread of coronavirus, Safari Car Rental Uganda Ltd has decided to provide every car with a bottle of sanitizer and gloves for the clients to you throughout the time of the rental and it’s recommended that every car should carry half the total of the number of people it has to carry. Still, the clients will be advised to sanitize whenever they are entering the car and after meeting people.

Offering shared yet personal mobility solutions

In this time of the coronavirus pandemic, clients are expected to be cautious and stay away from public transportation. Notwithstanding, not everyone in the country or that visits the country has the wherewithal to own a personal vehicle. To that measure, we are helping clients with completely personal albeit shared mobility arrangements through vehicle memberships. Presently at low costs, clients can easily subscribe to a vehicle for a duration varying from 3 months to a year or more. We further expect a noteworthy increment in long-term car bookings to use in the city. We plan to present better pricing for the vehicles and guarantee availability to its versatility as a service offering for the general population.