Cars Recommended For Group Tours in Uganda

Group tours feature among the very few most exciting and fantastic experiences that come with lots of exploration while with each other, sharing interesting moments together while on safari, having fun, exchanging ideas, and above killing boredom, something which may not find if you decided to travel independently. This experience can be boosted especially when you rented that perfect car that suits all your travel interests and you have that freedom to eat, drink, relax, laugh, and jazz with one another something that is challenging if you took public means. For group tours in Uganda we have listed some of the perfect cars for you to make the best choice to make your dreams come true;

The super custom van

This is one of the perfect vans for group tours as it comes with various inbuilt facilities especially the car air conditioners and adjustable windows which keep fresh air inside the vehicle. This type of car can accommodate about eight people and it comes with adequate space for you to stretch your legs and a sliding roof which will allow you to get some sunshine without having to get out of the vehicle. With its perfect amenities, you and the rest of the group members will certainly have a memorable tour in Uganda. This kind of van comes with adjustable seats, bottle holders in each seat, a car radio plus an MP3 player, a freezer box that maintains all your drinks cold, and adequate space for your property. If you are planning for a city tour in Kigali then this is the best option that you should take to and from transfers to the main airport and other family safaris.

Safari minivans

A safari minivan is mid-sized and it is famous for group trips in Uganda given the nature of its roof that can pop up and permits visitors to catch a glimpse at the surrounding environment as well as several wildlife species in its savanna grassland national parks. This type accommodates up to eight people comfortably and comes with adjustable seats which give adequate room for one to stretch the legs freely and it also has enough space for the visitors to pack their property. These vans also have air conditioners and adjustable windows which allow fresh air in and enhance aeration, a radio and MP3 player are also available for you to enjoy your preferred music along the way.

Coaster buses

Coaster buses come in bigger sizes and they accommodate from 20 to 30 visitors. These types are recommended for sports tours, school trips, and retreats. They feature several windows in which one can have a sight of the outside surrounding while on the way to the destination of their choice. Coaster buses also have enough space for cargo both in the ceiling and in the rear. They also come with air conditioners which can be adjusted to your preferences for fresh air, a television, an MP3 player and FM radio and all these will make your trip to be exciting and enjoyable.

In conclusion, when it comes to safaris in Uganda, different car rental companies offer different cars for you to realize your dreams in the destination, and depending on what your travel interests are, simply contact us and you will be sorted. For group tours in the Land of a Thousand Hills, we believe that the above-listed cars won’t let you down.